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 9am - 10am // Tea, coffee, and get to know each other. My studio in Nottingham is mainly called a studio because I hate the word office! So please don't expect a massive Shoreditch-style loft studio with fancy lights hanging from everywhere. Its a much cosier affair here. 

10am - 12.30pm // Topics covered - How I shoot a wedding // Kit I use and why // How and why I shoot 95% of the day with available light // How I make sure I take on bookings that suit my style // creating your own style // Keeping it simple (I talk about this a lot!). 

12.30 - 1pm // Snacks, refreshments, a chance to stretch your legs, or just stay in the studio and eat cake. We'll only be supplying light snacks at this point, so if you wanted something a bit more filling please bring some lunch with you.

1pm - 3pm // Topics covered - Dealing with nerves // Educating your couples // meeting couples expectations // why I find social media (mainly Instagram) a great tool for getting bookings // the importance of pre-wedding shoots and meeting a couple before the wedding

3pm - 4pm // LIVE SHOOT - Pre-wedding shoot with a couple // You'll also get a chance to take a few photos of the couple (if you want to).

4pm - 5pm // How I edit. I'll also edit a selection of shots taken with the couple. I'm very open when people ask me about the way I edit. So feel free to ask about the presets I use, the adjustments I make, or anything else. I edit quite quickly so I wont be offended if anyone wants me to slow down a bit on the workshop.

5pm - 6pm // Question Time! Feel free to ask me anything. Whether its something thats been covered during the workshop, or a subject that hasn't been touched on. I'm very happy to try and help out in any way I can. 

6pm onwards // We'll head off (by foot) to the pub to grab a pizza. Please click here to see the menu. If anyone wants a gluten free pizza please email me and let me know in advance so I can let them know. We have an area reserved for us near where the pizzas are made, and we will all be seated together. If you fancy something else on the menu, other than a pizza, please email me and let me know in advance. I've only had the delicious pizzas in there... so can't give feedback on the burgers etc I'm afraid.



Ed Godden Photography, BizSpace, Brookfield Road, Arnold, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7ER (plenty of FREE parking on site) 

Some car sat navs struggle to find our address. So please take note of the following info... You actually turn off Brookfield Road, and into Brookfield Gardens to get to the main car park. Keep going straight up Brookfield Gardens, through the gates, and turn immediately left. This will bring you into the main car park courtyard of the old mill. Our studio main door has 'PP INTERNATIONAL' written above it, so park up and make your way over to there! Come through the double doors beneath the 'PP INTERNATIONAL' sign, turn left, and up the stairs... and we're there. Any problems, give my assistant Anna a call on 07901336226

Please n.b. When you zoom into the map above you'll see no end of businesses on the same site as us... don't worry, these aren't lots of separate buildings... they're all located in the same big building as us! As its a Saturday though the car park will be pretty clear.

If you're staying over nearby, and fancy having a few drinks in the evening, feel free to leave your car in the car park at the studio overnight. Just let me know your vehicles number plate in advance so the security know you're leaving it there, and it doesn't belong to someone working late.