I shoot in a very relaxed, documentary style. I blend in with the guests and make sure I capture lots of special candid moments. A lot of the time you won't even notice me there! All day I'll be milling around looking for the next amazing shot.

My images are gritty, edgy, raw, sometimes grainy, and sometimes have a bit of movement in them... thats my style... thats what my couples want. Real life, captured as you remembered it. I want my images to have feeling to them, and to immerse you into the scene.

I'm not a fan of working from a long list of requests or seeing other peoples wedding photos for inspiration. I find my creativity in the heat of the moment, not by copying photos taken at another persons wedding. I'm there to shoot YOUR wedding day, as it unfolds around me. Working from a list on a piece of paper does not produce creative images. I know this because as soon as I ditched the lists, I started taking far more stunning images.

As you'll see from the featured weddings on my blog, there are almost no group shots. And wherever they do appear, they've been taken in a fun, and very informal manner. I'm totally OK, with doing a few group photos as I know parents love these staged shots, so If you do want some lets keep it to a 10 minutes maximum. This way it doesn't take over your day.

The only time in the whole day where I need you all to myself is when I take you both away to do the portraits, but this won't be for any longer than 20 minutes.

If you've watched the slideshow on this page, and think this is exactly the kind of photos you want captured on your wedding day, brilliant... Let's talk!