I know what you're thinking, "My approach?... what the hell does that mean!?" Put simply, this is the part of my website where I explain how I work, and why.  This allows you to quickly come to the conclusion whether I'll be perfect to shoot your big day, or whether you'd rather find a more traditional photographer.

Traditional... I am not! As you'll see from my website galleries and my blog, there are almost no group shots. And wherever they do appear, they've been taken in a fun, relaxed, and very informal manner. Truth is, I hate shooting group photos. There, I said it, finally a wedding photographer that tells the truth! For years I used to shoot weddings and I'd end up working off a big long list given to me by the bride and groom. Dozens of family variations of line-up shots where everyone looked liked stiff, uncomfortable, and down-right miserable mannequins. This list would take ages to shoot, and the bride and groom would quickly get annoyed, and feel that their wedding day was being ruined by the most boring photoshoot ever. And the wedding photographer (ME!) soon becomes public enemy number one. You don't want this, I don't want this, and your guests definitely don't want this. Working from a list on a piece of paper does not produce creative, stylish images. I know this because as soon as I ditched the lists, I started taking far more stunning images for couples to fall in love with.

I'm OK, with doing a few group photos, I know parents love these staged photos, but this is your day, not theirs. If you do want some group shots, lets keep it to a 10 minutes maximum, so it doesn't take over your day. Sound good to you? 

I shoot in a very relaxed style. Blending in with all the guests, making sure I capture lots of special candid moments. If I see something cool, I'll shoot it. From all the tiny details that you've spent weeks fretting over, to the bigger picture, the venue, the atmosphere, the love, the true story of your wedding day. A lot of the time you won't even notice me there! All day I'll be milling around looking for the next amazing shot. 

The only time in the whole day where I need you all to myself is when I take you both away to do the portraits, but this won't be for any longer than 30 minutes. If you book in a pre-wedding shoot with me, great! You'll have met me, and seen how quickly I work, and know how fun and relaxed a shoot with me is. If you haven't met me, don't worry, it'll be cool, trust me! I'll put you at ease straight away, I won't ask you to do anything you don't want to, and I most definitely won't get you doing anything that looks tacky or cheesy. 


One thing you really need to understand is that 99% of photos on my website here are captured purely in the moment. I'm not a fan of being handed a long list of requests, being sent a Pinterest board of all your favourite wedding photos found on the internet, or even the need of having a look around your venue before the wedding day. I find my creativity in the heat of the moment, not by taking inspiration from other photos taken at another persons wedding. I'm there to shoot your day, as it unfolds around me. I've never shot a wedding that has run exactly to plan... and thats part of the fun, part of the reality, part of why I'm there... to capture the love, not capture a scripted day of fake smiles in a formulaic way.

In order to give my couples the best service possible I only take on a limited number of weddings a year. I like to ensure that I give my clients my whole attention from initial enquiry, all the way through to delivery of the final edited images. And for me, this means cutting back on quantity, to maintain a high quality of service. Having the perfect work / life balance is also very important to me, and I think after years of trying different things, I feel like I've finally got it right.

I love having a great relationship and relaxed connection with my couples, so by only taking on a limited number of weddings each year is this possible.

The best advice I can give you, and its something I tell every couple, is to go with your gut feeling. If you look at my images on here and think they are exactly the kind of photos you want from your wedding day, brilliant!... Let's talk.