Fun-filled Chinese wedding in Birmingham city centre - Astor and Simon

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for being such an amazing photographer! You are so awesome, not only because you captured all our special moments in a very natural way, you have also made "the not so photogenic" Asians (a.k.a. Me & Simon) look so "VOGUE"!

Every single photo is so well composed yet natural. The colour schemes, perspectives, style and spirits of the photos are exactly what we wanted. Our friends have had the concern of your nice online portfolio being so nicely presented because other couples had some gorgeous venues, while we can only do one in the city when it was so rushed. BUT, we knew it will be AMAZING because the best photographers can always produce a good album out of the "worst" scenario with the simplest equipment. ED YOU ARE DEFINITELY ONE OF THEM (at least you are THE BEST we have met). 

Only until we look at the photos, we realised there's so many moments that we missed since we were having fun somewhere else (or getting drunk...). Looking at the photos is almost like watching our day from a prettier angle!  

We couldn't ask for a better person who can make everyone feel so natural with you around (like a ninja). Thank You for making our Big Day EXTRA ULTRA SPECIAL with your photos!"