Q. How much is the deposit?

£500 - This is a non-refundable deposit and is deducted from your final balance.

Q. Can we meet up before we book you?

Yeah sure. You can either book a meeting with me at my office in Nottingham, or if that's too far, or you're just too busy, we can always set up a Skype chat. A Skype call can be arranged Mon - Friday // 10am - 7pm

Q. What time do you arrive on the wedding day?

I can photograph you getting ready in the morning, and prefer to arrive no earlier than 2 hours before the ceremony time.

Q. What time do you leave on the wedding day?

I stay until the first dance, then try to get a selection of dance floor shots of evening guests partying away. If the party is really kicking off I've been known to stay much later. Who wants to leave a great party?!

Q. How long do we have to wait for the photos?

I'm very passionate about photography, therefore I spend a lot of time editing your images to a tip-top standard. It normally takes between 6 and 8 weeks to finish the images and get them sent to you.

Q. Do we have to have a pre-wedding shoot?

Not at all. I encourage couples that aren't that keen on having their picture taken to book a pre-wedding shoot with me because it gives you a chance to see how fun a shoot with me is. Also, a lot of couples like to have some fresh photos for their save the date cards.

Q. How far will you travel?

I have a passport and I have a car, therefore I'll travel anywhere! If your wedding is in England I don't charge anything for my travel to or from a wedding venue. If it is elsewhere in the UK (or further / destination weddings) a reasonable fee will be added.

Q. Will you visit the venue before the big day?

I don't normally. The spontaneous and candid way that I photograph weddings means that it's not really important for me to see the venue. I nearly always turn up to a venue with plenty of time to have a good look around. And sometimes I arrive the night before. If it's a venue I've never photographed at before, and you really want me to have a look around with you, we could always do the pre-wedding shoot there.

Q. Can you make an album for us?

I'm afraid I no longer make albums for couples. I can however recommend an excellent supplier.

Q. Can you pencil us in / hold our date?

No. Your wedding date is only secure once you've paid the deposit and returned the booking form. Weddings are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q. Do we have to feed you?

I don't insist on it. But its very much appreciated if you do. I work better with a full stomach! It doesn't have to be anything fancy, a bar snack will be fine. It can be a really long day, sometimes 12+ hours on the go, so a snack to stop me from passing out would be awesome! If you can't supply a meal for me, please let me know so I can either bring a pack-up, or find somewhere near the venue to get a meal.

Q. What is your shooting style?

I would describe my style of photography as relaxed... stylish... creative... and fun!

Q. We want lots of group photos, you can do that right?

I don't mind doing a couple of close family group shots, and of course ones of you with the bridesmaids or best man/ushers, but if you're after a photographer that is going to work off a long list of group snaps, then I'm definitely not the photographer for you. Group line-ups take a long time to rattle through and can ruin your day, believe me, I've seen it happen many times! A friend with an decent camera phone is a better, and cheaper option if that's the look you're going for.

Q. How do we pay the final balance?

The balance needs to be paid at least 4 weeks before the wedding date, and is a bank transfer to my account.

Q. Are you insured?

Yes. For both public liability and professional indemnity.

Q. What equipment do you use?

I've been using Nikon cameras for nearly 20 years.

Q. We need two photographers, can you help us with that?

Yes. Anna, my assistant can accompany me on weddings. If you really need a second photographer she doubles-up as a great second-shooter. Just let me know at the time of booking me why you might require two photographers and we'll sort it for an additional £500.

Q. Can we really do whatever we want with the images?

Yes. You've paid me to be your photographer, you've got the photos, so feel free to print them off, share them with family and friends, upload them to Facebook, or even make your own album.

Q. Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. If your wedding is on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, I do offer a generous discount off the full day package.

Please n.b. this does not apply to Bank Holidays.

Q. You can Photoshop my arms to be really thin right?

No. Not as part of the package anyway. My shooting style is real life, as it happens. I'm not a huge fan of Photoshop, and only use it very rarely. Normally to remove an item that is really ruining an image. I don't make changes to someones appearance. What you see is what you get when it comes to my photography.

Q. I look really drunk in lots of the photos... why is that?

Maybe it's because you were having fun... AND were actually really drunk!