Saturday 10th February 2018

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wedding photography workshop.jpg
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Saturday 10th February 2018


Saturday 10th February - 10am-6pm

Its been 5 years since my last photography workshop, and I finally have some time put aside to do another one (which I'm really excited about!)

Whether you're a full time pro, a student, a beginner, or someone who doesn't even own a camera yet, my 2018 wedding photography workshop at our studio in Nottingham will inspire and motivate you. 


We'll be discussing...

How I shoot a wedding // what kit I use and why // social media tips // how I get the bookings that suit my style of photography // when to make the leap into full-time // how I keep inspired after 20 years in the business // how to consistently capture special moments + creative portraits... and much more!

At the end of the day (before we head to the pub) there will be one hour of Q&A's so you can fire any questions my way that may not have been covered during the workshop. In the evening we'll eat and drink at our local, just five minutes walk from the studio.

Refreshments during the day, and pizza in the evening is included in the price.

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