Luxury wedding photographer

That’s me (on the left, with the cameras!)

I’ve been working full time as a photographer since I left college. After a decade of snapping celebs, Premiership football matches, and shooting every hour of the day and night for national newspapers, I decided to quit the press world and got a job as a technique editor on a photography magazine.

I then spent the next few years reviewing cameras, going on swanky press trips all over Europe, and teaching readers how NOT to use Photoshop, before deciding I needed to get behind a camera again... so in 2012 I left office life behind me and became a wedding photographer… and I LOVE IT.

When I’m not photographing weddings I like to be out in the countryside taking in the scenery on a long run. I’ve ran a few marathons and am really good at getting consistently slower after each one!

I live in a tiny village in Nottinghamshire with my wife Clare and our two boys Jesse & Jonah.

Get in touch now if you're looking for a photographer with lots of experience, a passion for capturing fun images, and I give a solid promise not to shout orders all day (trust me, I’m not one of those photographers).

Thanks for stopping by, and I really look forward to hearing about your wedding day plans.

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