How do we get the best photos possible?

That's an easy one... just pretend I'm one of your guests! If you see me, don't feel the need to stare down the camera and smile, just be yourself, and act as if I'm not there. Sounds rude, I know, but seriously it works! The more you can get used to me just wandering around and snapping away, the better, and the more natural the photos will look. I'm a documentary wedding photographer so don't work off a list of staged, fake, and downright boring photos... I'm at your wedding to capture the real moments, and the real emotions. 

When we do go off for 20-30 minutes to do the portraits of the two of you please just be yourselves. If you want to be smoochy and all over each other thats cool with me... if you want to be deadly serious and opt for some moody portraits thats also cool with me... as long as you're just being yourselves.


e.g. bridal / groom prep location... ceremony venue... reception venue
I normally arrive 2 hours before the ceremony time. Any earlier than that and there isn't a lot for me to photograph.
I'm happy to shoot 5/6 group photos, and we can do this in about 10 minutes. If you do require some staged group photos please list the people you'd like in the 5/6 group photos below. Please also give this list to a groomsman, or a family member that can gather all the people together for the photos.
We've read the 'APPROACH' page on your website and are very happy with the documentary style in which you shoot weddings. *
My most asked question is "How long do we have to wait after the wedding before we get the images?" It's 8 weeks. You will get the online gallery emailed to you, along with the password 2 months after your wedding date. *