Documentary wedding photography workshop 2019

Documentary wedding photography workshop

Sunday 20th October 2019 - 10am-6pm

Whether you're a full time pro, a student, a beginner, or someone who doesn't even own a camera yet, my 2019 wedding photography workshop at my studio in Nottingham will inspire and motivate you to take your photography further. 


I’ll be talking about...

How and why I made the leap into wedding photography after years of being a press photographer // How I shoot a wedding // what kit I use and why // social media tips // how I get the bookings that suit my style of photography // when to make the move into full-time // why I’ve moved over to working with mirrorless cameras // how I keep inspired after 20 years in the business // how to consistently capture special moments + stylish portraits... and much more!

I’ll also have ALL my kit out on display so you can geek-out over my kit, and ask me any questions you like. I’m a very open book, and am happy to give any advice needed on equipment.

At the end of the day there will be one hour of Q&A's so you can fire any questions my way that may not have been covered during the workshop.

There will also be a LIVE shoot with a couple, so you can see how I work, and connect with a couple during a pre-wedding shoot. You’ll learn how I shoot stylish portraits on a wedding day and how I avoid them looking too posed-up alongside the documentary images from the wedding.

Light refreshments will be available during the day.


What to bring...

Yourself, your camera (if you want to snap away during the LIVE shoot), and snacks if you’re not a fan of my cake, coffee, and crisps!



Ed Godden Photography, BizSpace (Arnold Business Centre), Brookfield Road, Arnold, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7ER (plenty of FREE parking on site) 



Limited to 10 places only

Please n.b. tickets are non-refundable.


"Attending Ed's workshop was a really refreshing and honest take from an experienced photographer. There was a real range of takeaway knowledge - from hearing about his own personal experiences and how he handled different situations, to knowledge about his personable and relaxed shooting style (seeing it in practise with a live shoot was great!) to seeing him edit and handle the files post production too. His studio gave a really relaxed environment to learn from and him and Anna made me and everyone else feel really welcome throughout the day - something that's so important when hosting a workshop to make sure everyone feels included and valued as workshops can often be a bit daunting. The whole day was a great insight into how Ed's built such a successful photography business that works for him with lots of usable nuggets of information I can't wait to put into practise." - Florence Fox

"Ed and Anna made me feel very welcome and I fully enjoyed the workshop experience. Ed delivered the workshop in lay-mans terms which for me was a joy to behold. Everything was fully explained and the live pre wedding shoot was a real education! Simple is best is what I came away with.

Thank you very much Ed". - Rob Grist