Two years ago we travelled to America and got married on a beach in California. It was the most amazing three weeks ever. Not only was the wedding day pretty awesome, but the three week road trip was amazing too. So much so, that last month we decided to head back to the States and do a road trip of the other side of the country we both love so much. We flew into New York, jumped on a train to Boston, then spent a couple of weeks driving around the beautiful scenery of New England.  

We met so many lovely people... Enjoyed a couple of early morning runs around Central Park... Spent way too much money in the Levis and Converse stores... Sunk a hell of a lot of root beer, Golden Graham Starbucks, and tasty craft ales... and also ran a half marathon! 

Here is a collection of snaps all taken on my iPhone. 

By the way... I also shot a lovely couple on Brooklyn Bridge in New York, as well as photographing our day we spent at the amazing Letterpress Things workshop in Chicopee, MA. I'll be blogging all those photos in the next few months.