A very vibrant tattooed wedding in Norfolk - Sophie + Kyle

"Good morning, Ed

We hope you're well. Just wanted to drop you a line to say Kyle and I sat down with our wedding pictures last night (LOVED the box it came in and the adorable USB, plus the prints you very kindly threw in as well, what a lovely touch). 

We are completely in awe of the beautiful photos you took. Nothing really prepared me for how quickly the big day was going to go, and a few weeks later I found myself barely remembering what had happened; but looking through last night was like reliving it. Your photos really capture what a silly and fun day it was by all our guests expressions, and we are so lucky that it's immortalised in them. 

The sunset beach photos are my absolute favourite - and that was such a special part of the day for us too, when we could escape and chill out for a little while. Really chuffed. 

Thank you so much for all your hard work, Ed. I know I've said it before but it was an absolute pleasure to have you at our wedding and we're so glad you were available to document our wedding. All our guests said what a lovely man you are. Also thank you for not making me look like a clichéd gothic tattooed person! And for getting pictures of Kyle looking fit as f*@! - not that that's hard work haha. 

Thanks again, Ed, we can't wait to share with our families and friends. We hope you enjoy the rest of this year's weddings and have a lovely Christmas and new year. Hopefully our paths cross again sometime :) 

All my love and take care, 

Sophie (and Kyle but he wants to thank you himself)"