Laura and dave - a nautical themed wedding in LONDON

There's only one word that sums up Laura and Dave's nautical themed wedding in London... and that's EPIC!

I knew after our awesome pre-wedding shoot down in Portsmouth that I was going to have lots of fun shooting these guys getting hitched. When I met up with them a few months back in Dave's hometown, we chatted over a beer and a delicious plate of fish n chips, and I found out exactly the kind of photos they wanted from their wedding. It was music to my ears that it was all about capturing the emotion, the fun, the love of the day! Not a total shock to me at all, as they were both very natural in front of the camera, and it was clear to me from hearing their wedding plans that the big day was going to be a chilled out, relaxed celebration.

So the big day came around quickly... and I'm not going to ramble on, I'd rather let the photos do the talking, but what I will say is - Dave, you looked extremely dapper in that suit and wicked chevron tie. Laura, you looked stunning in your corker of a wedding dress, with your colourful tattoos on show. You were both great fun to spend the day with, and the freedom and trust you gave me to shoot your wedding exactly how I like to shoot a wedding, made your wedding day one I shall never forget!

BIG LOVE... and can't wait to catch up with you guys for a few drinks when I'm down in London next.