A lovely Spring wedding at Shustoke Farm Barns - Jade and Joe

Its always a mixture of emotions when I photograph my first wedding of the year, and this year was no different.  After a busy 2015, I'd decided to give myself an extra-long break over the winter period, so it was nearly 3 months since shooting my last wedding in December. Having a nice long break was bliss! And it also meant I was raring to go, and extra-enthusiastic about shooting again. 

The first couple of the year to face my camera was the lovely Jade and Joe, who got married at the beautiful Shustoke Farm Barns in Warwickshire. I met up with the couple last year for their pre-wedding shoot in Nottingham, so it was by no means the first time I'd met them. They even treated me an awesome burger meal at Annies Burger Shack in Nottingham, and I had the Elvis burger (a meaty feast, dripping in jam and peanut butter. I kid you not!)... but anyway, thats another story...

It was however the first time I'd ever shot at this particular venue. Some couples are really worried when they find out their photographer has never shot at their venue, let alone even visited it! But I actually love not seeing a wedding venue until the big day. I'm a photographer that works fast, and doesn't like to plan. I'd much rather photograph things naturally, as they're actually happening, rather than staging something up in a certain area, just because another photographer has taken a pretty photo in that area in the past! I'm here to photograph YOUR day, not someone else's. I want to see it through my eyes.

Jade and Joe were the perfect couple, totally chilled out, and happy for me to just wander around and snap their day as it happened. They didn't let the chilly weather, or the slight drizzle dampen their spirits, and were more than happy to head out for a few portraits while the guests dug in to the canapes. 

Thanks for letting me photograph your wedding day guys. I had loads of fun, and you both looked absolutely amazing! Joe, your vibrant tie was a top-class choice. And Jade, when you hopped out of the camper van wearing your black leather jacket, I've got to admit, in my head I was able to tick another photo off my wedding portfolio bucket list - 'Cool bride wearing a leather jacket' TICK!

Hair and Make-Up - Jenn Edwards Hair & Make-Up Team