Brighton wedding photography - Niall and Dan

"Hi Ed, Wow they're amazing, we love them! Everybody we show loves your work. Thank you again."

Yep, as another mental summer comes to an end, its time for me to get a few blogs up on my website, and this one just HAD to go in.

Niall and Dan got married in Brighton, then headed out to Dans parents house in the countryside for a party afterwards. Garden games, a swimming pool, an ice cream van, they had the lot! Plus, boy oh boy was it a scorcher of a day. Easily the hottest day of the year for me to be shooting a wedding. 

It was only the second gay wedding I've shot (I'd love to shoot more), and I enjoyed every minute of it! The guys were so chilled out, let me just wander around snapping away, and doing my thing, while they spent time with their friends and family, having a great time, and enjoying the beautiful weather. They also really helped me to feel like I was one of the guests. Insisting that I sat with the rest of the guests during the meal, and making sure that I was also having a good time.

Its weddings like this that really make me smile all day, and realise this job doesn't always feel like a job (does that make sense?). 

Thanks Niall and Dan for booking me to photograph your amazing wedding day. It was the best!