Buckinghamshire wedding photography at King's Chapel - Rachel and Chris

"We decided to book Ed having met him at a wedding fair and immediately liked his personal style and reportage-style shots. It was perhaps the easiest – and one of our first – supplier decisions and it’s no surprise he gets booked up so far in advance.  

Having looked through the full set of images Ed supplied us with this week (over 1,000!) we’re delighted with the results. Ed managed to capture the day beautifully yet honestly, with the shots really telling the story of the day from start to finish. The emotion and personality Ed captures in his subjects really comes across. 

Ed also captured a wide variety of shots styles – slow shutter speeds, softer focus, narrow depth of field, black and white, even cutout-style shots of some of the items from the day such as the order of service – there’s no doubt he’s an incredibly skilled photographer. To have such a variety of shots was really pleasing.   

On the day, Ed did a great job of being unobstructive and blending into the background for the most part – capturing shots of us we didn’t even know he’d taken. But was clear and direct with guests (and us!) when he needed to get certain shots. 

 ‘Posed’ shots were kept to a minimum – but those we did have were very stylish, with very well-chosen backdrops. Having so few posed shots meant we didn’t have to dedicate hours to getting the pictures taken and miss out on the fun. This does did mean that we missed out on some shots which would have been nice – like one of just the groom with his father – but that is a necessary and expected compromise when you go more of a documentary-style of photographer and if you have a shot list of 300 required shots, you’re probably not going to opt for Ed.

 Ed’s website describes his pictures as ‘stylish, honest and creative’ – and that is very much the case when you see the results." - Rachel + Chris



Were you a guest at this wedding? Below is just a selection of my favourite shots from the day, but why don't you take a look at their online gallery and download some photos... for free!

Simply click HERE -  Then get the password from Rachel and Chris, and download as many HI-RES images as you want!