2017 - end of year slideshow

To all the couples that I photographed in 2017... thank you very much for having me along, and welcoming me into your party. It was an amazing year!

To everyone that booked me to shoot your big day in 2018... I can't wait to meet you all and create some gorgeous photographic memories.

Thanks as always to Clare and Jesse (my wife and son) for letting me head off for an insane amount of the year to snap away at lots of fun weddings. I promise to spend A LOT more time with you both in 2018! Love you both loads. 

Thanks also to my sharp-shooting assistant Anna Heaton. Not only has Anna shot some stunning photos with me at weddings this year, she's also been a massive help in the studio when it came to editing. A few of her images even appear in this slideshow too!

This isn't a collection of portraits, like the ones you'd normally see posted on my social media, but instead it's a look back at what I enjoy shooting the most at weddings... candid moments. Real, spontaneous, un-posed shots.

Documentary style photography is why I do this job year after year. It's what excites me. It's what I find the most enjoyable. And, as it probably comes across in this slideshow, it's what I find the most fun!

I could ramble on and on about stuff I've done over the past 12 months, things I've seen, things I wish I'd not seen!.... blah blah blah... but instead I'll just leave you to press play... turn the volume up... go full-screen... and watch my slideshow of my favourite photos from 2017.