Cambridgeshire wedding photography at South Farm - Jo and Tom

Hi Ed, the package you sent has made it to us safely, and wow - they're incredible! We stayed up late last night going through them all (you were right, there's so many) and you've captured the whole day so perfectly. The day was such a blur that it was like living the day all over again! We're not a couple that are particularly comfortable in front of the camera but you put us both at such ease throughout the day - you even managed to capture us not look horribly awkward.

 (I honestly didn't think this was something that could be done!)

We can't thank you and Anna enough for coming and shooting our day so completely and capturing it in such a beautiful and natural way. They really are so perfect!

Best wishes, Jo and Tom


Were you a guest at Jo and Toms wedding? Why not take a look at their online gallery and download some photos... for free!

Simply click HERE -  Then get the password from Jo and Tom, and download as many HI-RES images as you want!

Photos by Ed Godden + Anna Heaton