Hackney London wedding photography - Heather and Alessandro


London weddings can be chaotic, fast-paced, trendy, colourful, action-packed affairs! And this one certainly ticked all those boxes.

Heather + Alessandro were such fun to spend the day with... and all their guests were fantastic too. I shoot 99% of a wedding in a documentary style (with just a tiny bit of direction chucked in when it comes to the portraits) which means wandering around making sure I'm in the right place at the right time, to capture all the emotions on offer. Shooting up close and personal like this can sometimes make people feel pretty camera-aware, but not this wedding... everyone soon got used to me hanging around, and welcomed me into the party pretty much from the minute I stepped into bridal prep.

I got to ride through the streets of London in a cool Red Mustang... witness one of the best confetti cannon explosions ever (not going to lie, I crapped myself when they went off!)... and then finished the day off with one hell of a party at such a cool bar venue.

Hev + Alex, thanks for having me along to snap your special day... and thanks for trusting me to just get on with doing my thing, and capturing such fun shots for you.


Ed, Honestly I am trying to put into words how much we love the photos and how grateful we are, but I am finding myself stuck - which for someone who garbles 120 words a minute usually, is not something I say often. 

The whole process has been a dream, honestly. It's really odd how circumstance meant we were just unable to meet pre-wedding, but yet you just felt like part of the family on the day. Everyone that attended has commented how laid back and relaxed you made them feel, and that definitely shines through on the shots.

I myself am a millennial stuck in a cycle of constantly trying to obtain 'perfection' when it comes to photos of myself, due to the way that my generation are forced to act when it comes to things such as social media - and I was so nervous to see the photos without my usual hodge podge of VSCO and Instagram filters. It's so insane how uneasy losing control over the camera when it came to portraits of myself made me feel. But you have honestly flipped that upside down; I can't even fathom the fact that some of the shots you've taken are actually Ale and myself - they look like they've been pulled straight out of a NYLON shoot.

My dad commented that the whole photo set looks like a collection of stills from Reservoir Dogs, and my mum chimed in saying she got a real Wes Anderson feel from a lot of them. This alone sums up all we could have possibly dreamed for.

I cannot wait to show these photos to our grandkids when our tattoos are faded and wrinkled and we're trying to prove how cool we once were, seriously they are beautiful.

You've outdone yourself, 110%. Thank you 50,000,000 times.

Hev & Ale x


If you scroll through this wedding and think "WOW! Yeah... these are the kind of fun and relaxed photos I want at my wedding!" Then please do get in touch.


Were you a guest at this wedding? Below is just a selection of my favourite shots from the day, but why don't you take a look at their online gallery and download some photos... for free!

Simply click HERE -  Then get the password from Heather + Alessandro, and download as many HI-RES images as you want!